How to Watch DD Free Dish, Dish tv FTA and ABS Free Dish on Single Receiver / Set Top Box

How to Set up DD Freedish , Dish tv and ABS 2 satellites to receiver on single FTA DVB S mpeg2 receiver,

Enjoy DD Free dish , Dish tv Free to Air channels and ABS Free dish free to Air channels in single receiver by following the procedure.

To Enjoy DD freedish , dish tv fta and ABS free channels in single receiver / set top box you  need to have 4 port Diseqc switch,

This is how Diseqc Switch looks like and it costs 150rs or above in market, there are other brands also available like solid also

First you need to Set atleast 2 Dishes to receive this 3 satellite, one dish you need to fix such a way that you get both dishtv and dd freedish signals from 95east and 93.5 east, this is usually a easy thing to receive in 60cm dish, Another Dish you need to fix at ABS2 at 75 East and get signals.. Now connect the first dish cable with signals from 95 east and 93.5 east to Port 1 / LNB1 of this Diseqc Switch and then 2nd Dish ABS2 signals cable to Port 2 / LNB2 of the Diseqc Switch.

Below you can find all the Images of signals and the Diseqc Switch

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