Procedure to Edit DD Freedish / DD DirectPlus frequency to get GSAT15 new frequencies

As we know from 1st February 2016 DD Freedish / DD Direct plus has been shifted to New satellite GSAT15 and there are Transponder frequencies to be changed in your Freedish Set to box to get DD freedish channels.

Here is step by step procedure in Images

First Press Menu in your Remote and you will get screen similar to this depending on your boxes softwares, Then go to Setup Program setup / Installation option

Then you can find Add Program option, after pressing OK then you will get option to add transponder and other parameters, just see the screenshot here and add as per it and check signal levels . Here example of frequency 11090 v 29500, you can add similarly 11470 v 29500, 11510 v 29500, 11550 v 29500, 11170 v 29500



3 thoughts on “Procedure to Edit DD Freedish / DD DirectPlus frequency to get GSAT15 new frequencies”

  1. We gettin trouble to saw 11470 & 11170 frequ. There for we r not receive the folowing program- RISTHEY, SONYPAL, XZONE, SONYMIX,ABC, DABANG, DDURDU, INDIA TV, AASTHA TV, MANORANJAN TV, NEWS NATION, DDMP, ENTERR10 & MUCH MORE CHANELS,i request u to solve this problem! 9474820714

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