Procedure How to Scan / Tune DD Free Dish on Solid SD 912 DVB FTA Set Top Box

Here is procedure to Install and tune DD Freedish with Dishtv fta channels in Free to Air Box, here we have taken Solid SD 912 receiver.

दीदी फ्री डिश को फ्री तू एयर बॉक्स पर कैसे tune  करते है.

Solid SD 912 is MPEG 2 / DVB S free to Air receiver which can tune DD Free Dish and Dishtv FTA Channel easily. you can use any ku band dish antenna of 60cm Dish size for receiving DD Freedish/ DD Directplus in India.

दीदी फ्री डिश सॉलिड के फ्री तो एयर बॉक्स पर देख सकते है डिश टीवी के चैनल्स के साथ.

Here is procedure to do Autoscan in DD Free Dish Solid receiver.

Press MENU.. you will get screen like this.

सेट टॉप बॉक्स में मेनू बटन प्रेस करो , इसके बाद आप लिस्ट में प्रोग्राम सेटअप में जाइये . PIN कोड ०००० एंटर करे , इसके बाद AUTOSCAN ऑप्शन सेलेक्ट करे और फ्री search करे.

2. Then Go to Program Setup and Press OK in remote. (see image )

it will ask you to enter PIN..  enter 0000  as Pin and Press OK .


3. You will then Enter Program Setup MENU – Here you go to Auto Scan option to Do full autoscan to get all Free channels which are available on this location. If dish is fixed to receieve 93 and 95 East then you can be able to get Dish tv FTA channels also in autoscan. Just select Search “Free”  option as mentioned in the picture below.

Once you Select FREE , then click OK and this is how your screen will start scanning, Wait till it finish 100%. you can see in below pictures

Once it is finished you can find around 132 Free Channels scanned and 28 Radio Channels on your dd freedish box. You can view some dish tv fta channels like Mazhavil Manoram, zee anmol, zee rajasthan

आप अगर डिश को ९३ और ९५ ईस्ट पर सेट करे तोह आप डिश टीवी के फ्री चैनल्स भी अपने आप ओटोस्कैन में आजायेंगे


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    we are use free dish solid SD 912 so…we are intrest to watch abs free dish so it is available abs free dish….???

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